The Solar boat race is an event mirroring the World Solar Challenge. An initiative from Dutch Spaceman Wubbo Ockels. He challenged green innovators to organize a floating version of this race that would also work in less sunny Holland. There have been many technological developments, for example hydrofoils. The quickest boats can reach more than 50km/h, an impressive sight! The race is interesting to visit for young and old. Participants have an age range from 14 to 80.

Through these races our foundation Solar Sport One creates a breeding ground for sustainable innovations. The races bring together the themes of technology, youth, watersports and fun and make sustainability cool and pulsating. The competitiveness of the races connects education, entrepreneurs and government together, building a green future. It’s clear this formula is a huge success: The teams from secondary schools, technical universities and the business world are wildly enthusiastic and participation is growing.

Teams can compete in several classes:
A design specific boat which restricts and deepens the areas of innovation. Hydrofoils, propulsion and tactics are the differentiating factors.

Only a broad framework is specified. The teams are encouraged to think out of the box. Speeds of over 30 km/h have been measured by several teams.

Teams at higher professional education institutions and specialist teams from business compete for the best designs and smartest technologies. This class resembles the A-class but panels with higher power rating are allowed. Speeds of over 50 km/h have been measured, spectacular!

Race-elements vary with location and can be a trial, endurance, slalom, sprint or speed record.

Side Events
Although every team desires a place on the stage, technology is the real winner during this event. The mutual cooperation of the competing teams is truly admirable. The event brings them together in a cauldron bubbling with innovation, collaboration and imagination.
Our Technolab next to the finish line gives enthusiastic team members the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with visitors. They talk about their particular passions and innovative drive. The team members hope to energize the public and spread the green vibe.

Competitors are challenged to develop smart solutions which makes their boats faster and greener. It’s a continuous quest for improvement.
To enhance the development of new systems the Solar Sport One Foundation attracts partners. Funding creates additional value and opportunities when it comes to the success of the bright ideas of the teams. You’ll never shine if you don’t glow!

Mini Solar
What is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave. Thus we have also taken into account the pupils of primary schools (10-12 yrs). By launching the Mini Solar Challenge we arouse the curiosity of these youngsters for sustainable technology. In a half-day trip pupils build their own solarpower driven mini-boats and test the buoyancy and velocity of their design: the Mini Solar Challenge!