The committee of the Solar Sport One foundation comprises Van Wijnen and Studio Vripack. Through their passion for social responsibility, innovation and sustainability both companies have invested in the foundation, Solar Sport One. As a breeding ground for sustainable innovations, Solar Sport’ activities concentrate on sports and the power of strategic thinking. It brings about a strong combination of competition and innovation through the building and development of solar powered racingboats.

The races bring together the themes of technology, youth, watersports and fun and make sustainability cool and pulsating. The competitiveness of the races connects education, entrepreneurs and government together, building a green future.

We can’t create and maintain this arena alone. So we’re looking for partners to help us make our dreams come true. We want to continue to organize these races after 2017. Our partners will dare to be different and believe in the same goals as us. We bring about real changes. Actions speak louder than words.

Van Wijnen

Van Wijnen is more than construction. We want to work together on a habitat for a better life. That means that we always search for sustainable solutions such as energy-neutral or future-proof housing and re-use of ingredients and materials. We do not want to introduce substances from the earth into the environment faster than nature can process them. At the same time, we innovate continuously. Both in our way of working and in the technology we apply. For example, making use of the possibilities virtual reality offers and implement smart internet applications in houses that increase your comfort.

Represented by Jeroen van Balen.


Studio Vripack is involved in the entire construction process of large innovative yachts that are developed professionally for private individuals and shipyards throughout the world. We are famous for our innovative ability and focus considerable attention annually on research, trends and (technical) developments. Last year, together with ROC FriesePoort, we started the ‘Vripack Brewery’. This is a maritime innovation lab in which education, government and the business community join forces to develop ‘disruptive tools’ to create better ships in less time.

Represented by Marnix J. Hoekstra.