Solar Sport One – Innovation of today is Energy for tomorrow!


The Dutch Solar Challenge is known to many who, over the years, have enjoyed sailing solar boats and competing for the championships. Studio Vripack and Van Wijnen, who were involved in the race in the past, are currently looking into the possibility of securing the future of the race and organising the event in 2017 and 2018. Based on our experience with and commitment to the solar event, we have had a dream about how the race and the associated event should look in the future: the Solar Sport One. We will be developing this dream further between now and April. We will then present this to sponsors and interested parties and take a decision on whether we can actually turn our dream into reality.

The Solar Sport One will focus on sustainability, courage and inspiring each other. Oh yes, and also on fun! We shall also explicitly seek collaboration between the existing races and Young solar. A new race concept has been developed, based on our own experiences. We want to test this concept and we are investigating the possibility of organising two races in the late spring of 2017 in a location in the Netherlands to be announced later. We will take the current race calender into account. All this is a first step to 2018, when we hope to organise five races. But what is a race without competitors? Will you be taking part again? Register now!

The race

In 2016, the race offered Young solar, A, B, V20 and Top Class categories; this year we are thinking of combining the classes. This will mean that the boats from the A and B class will, for the first time, compete with the FT class (Free Top / VT, Vrije Top). The V20 class will remain and have its own competition, and so too will the Young solar. This will make it possible for the 2018 fleet to consist of Young solar, V20 and the FT (free top class).

Conditions and Entry Fees

The conditions and entry fees will be similar to those of previous events. Once there is more clarity about this, we will announce it.


We shall be looking at drafting the regulations in the near future, in consultation with teams, interested parties and Joris Melkert (Technical Committee). These will reflect those of previous events, but here the input from the teams will be emphatically encouraged. The regulations will be drafted in such a way that innovation is stimulated and teams are not restricted.

Questions and registration?

We will, of course, announce all facts and numbers as soon as possible. But you can register now, without any obligation, via You can also contact us with any questions you may have.