Innovation Contest: Compete for a V20


Yacht Club de Monaco in cooperation with Solar Sport One would like to boost innovation through solar boat racing. We firmly believe that “innovation of today is energy of tomorrow”; that’s why we are calling forces worldwide to join on solar boat innovations and make steps together towards an international sport higher level.

To stimulate the sport and make an easier access to innovation, Yacht Club de Monaco & Solar Sport One launch “Innovation Challenge” and set a price of two turn key V20 – one design racer - to the most original and advanced teams.

Who can join the challenge?

Every person worldwide
Every institute worldwide
Every new solar team worldwide
Every existing solar team worldwide

Compete to innovate? Set-up a plan, focus

How to improve the V20 boat, within the one-design class rules? See
How to improve the attractiveness of the V20?
How to improve the practicality of V20?
How to improve the speed?


The boats will be delivered in Monaco on dock cradle from the 15-05-2017

Boats must carry visibility decided by YCM in front of pilot, on both side on centre hull forward and on both side of boat above foil forward. Visibility specific to the team must be validated by YCM.

All modifications must be in line with the class rules; Teams must agree with the V20 class rules changes. Any structural modifications must be validated by Solar Sport One.

As a team, you will have to write a monthly report on progression/status of the boat and innovations

Join in 2017, 2018 and 2019 the solar races organized by Yacht Club de Monaco and Solar Sport One

Should YCM decide to send an extra team member chosen by YCM, all ex-penses paid, the winning teams must accept that person

Yacht Club Monaco and Solar Sport One are free to use the projects for communication purposes

Note: International cross corporation with other international teams/institutes will be contributed in the jury’s election criteria’s.

The V20 will become yours on 01-01-2020

Play within the Rules:

Registrations forms must be filled in on YCM website:

Deliver before 24/04/2017 your Innovation document by email at the following email address:

Any technical advice can be requested by email to

Your Innovation project must contain;
 Your team/institution description and motivation
 Your financial plan for the 3 years
 Your potential sponsor


All teams documentation will be examined by the official jury composed by:

 Yacht Club de Monaco
 Technical race adviser of Yacht Club de Monaco
 Solar Sport One
 Technical race adviser of Solar Sport One

Everything is ready now, the countdown clock starts!