Invitation team meeting 03-05-2017


Dear Solar Teams,

On Wednesday, May 3rd we would like to invite you and your team members to join an inspiring solar evening!
During last year a lot of new developments have taken place. As you maybe already know the Dutch Solar Challenge will continue under a new name: Solar Sport One.
Of course competition, speed, innovation, entrepreneurship and fun will remain the main ingredients of the racing events. You can imagine we have a lot to inform you about!

We aim for two races this year:
The first race scheduled is at the Batavia Haven in Lelystad, June 9th and 10th.
For the second race we are asked to join the 40th edition of the Wereldhavendagen in Rotterdam, September 1st – 3rd. This means racing in front of the eyes of more than 350.000 spectators!

We would like to invite you to bring you up to date and have an inspiring get together full of news and discussion. This to start a new decade of solar boat racing!
Date : Wednesday 3rd of May
Location : to be defined/somewhere central depending on the participating teams

18:00h : Reception and buffet (buffet only for visitors who signed in by email)

18:45-19.00h : Welcome and introduction by our Chief Solar Officer Marcelien Bos-de Koning

19:00 - 19.15h : Update status Solar Sport One by Jeroen Droogsma

19:15-19.45h : Explanation of the different classes by Joris Melkert and Jeroen Droogsma

19.45-20.15h : Input teams on improvement regulations by Joris Melkert (only topics will be
discussed which are send upfront by email)

20.15 – 20.30h : Update regarding the V20 Innovation Challenge by Marcelien Bos-de Koning

20.30-20.45h : Closure with a nautical drink

We look forward to your attendance during the evening and to have an open discussion to kick off the new years of solar racing!!
For teams who cannot join the evening, a short summery of the event will be placed on the website.

For the organization (location and refreshments) please respond no later than April 24th on mentioning your team name and number of attendees. Also for bringing in topics for discussion.

More information about Solar Sport One :
More information about Bataviahaven :
More information about Wereldhavendagen :

If there are any more questions please let us know!

Best regards,

Solar Sport One