Solar Sport One Foundation is eager
to raise the profile of Solar Sport:


Through an international challenge with a broad, significant and positive impact for society as a whole. Students and professionals compete in this challenge, join forces within their peer group and are aware of the common aim. Several race events bring about overall-winners and world champions in different classes: V20-Class, New Born-Class & Open-Class. 

With our races and informative side events we hope to awake the innovator and team player within you. Visit our events, join our sustainable journey, because innovation of today is energy for tomorrow.

Our foundation is represented by our
Chief Solar Officer Marcelien Bos-de Koning.

Solar Sport is thé Solar Boat Race and attracts technicians, pioneers, dare-devils, team players and people with great organizational skills. Sustainability, mutual inspiration and daring to be different are key factors to this event. Showing off your green and innovative skills is cool and sexy. Sustainability isn't distant and inaccessible. The future of sustainability is now!

The race-element of Solar Sport has major strategie importance. The teams have to balance their battery capacity and boat and keep their team spirit up at the same time. The water sports element and electrics are totally at odds with each other and challenge the teams to get their brain neurons firing. The bigger the challenge the bigger the opportunity.

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