Current board members of the skippers council are Ruurd van Buiten, Mark Kooi and Thomas Romijn. 
We are looking for new members. (Please apply at

Regulation Skippers Council Solar Sport One

The purpose of the Skippers Council board for Solar Sport One regulated events is to have an independent board to advice both parties; participants and organization. The following rules apply:

1. The Skippers Council consist out of an independent board and participating team-members, and is an advisory body that will advice on all matters relevant to the participating teams and the competition rules, technical regulations and race organization to the SSO organization.

2. SSO organization is to consult the Skippers Council board prior to any rule changes.

3. The Skippers Council is composed of participating teammembers.

4. The Skippers Council is lead by a board consisting of a minimum of three independent persons who have knowledge of various aspects of holding competitions with boats.

5. The Skippers Council board consists of one skippers chief and one of the members is to appoint as vice skippers chief. New board members will be appointed by the current council board members. Members of the Skippers Council board are preferably not competing during their membership. The Skippers Council board is responsible for attracting skippers councilmembers.

6. The board of the Skippers Council will organize a yearly meeting for participants on an easily accessible location in the Netherlands prior to a European school year.

7. In addition, the Skippers Council board may in writing or by email communicate with the participants and conduct surveys among the teams. (

8. The findings of the Skippers Council will be published on the SSO website.