Would you and your team like to compete in the Solar Sport One races? Great!

2020 Race Season:

Race 1: 14*/15/16th of May  - North of The Netherlands (POSTPONED)

Race 2: 4*/5/6th of June - Middle of The Netherlands (POSTPONED)

Race 3: 3*/4/5th of September - South of The Netherlands (POSTPONED)

*This is the registration and technical inspections day. The other 2 days are for the races.

Registration fee

A registration fee is asked in order to participate in our races. The registration fee is for a team of maximum 6 team members, where overnight and catering is included. It is possible to order catering for more persons.

  • What is included the price per race?
    €596,- ex. 21% VAT
    Early bird discount of 10%, if you enter all 3 races before 1st of May.
    Including: race/campsite/technical inspection/catering for 6 people; 2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, 2 dinner.
  • Extra Catering costs: €60,- ex. 9% VAT
    2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, 2 dinner

    !! Remember to calculate how many weekends you are coming and what the total catering is that you need !!
    (Example: 3 race weekends x 8 extra catering = 24 extra catering)


- Entering the SSO races can be done 5 days before the first race.
- You can’t start without payment.
- Proof of payment is a copy of the bank statement at the info desk at race location or an agreement from the administration.