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Solar Sport One

Solar Sport One organizes World Cup Series in solar boats for technicians, dare-devils, young and curious minded, team players and organizational talents. The race focuses on new energy, courage and inspiring one another. Green innovations are sexy and bold. A sustainable usage of the earth is not something for the future, but it happens here and now. Students and professionals from different levels compete side-by-side. The boats are sailed through canals and waters in residential areas to make the biggest social impact. Enter now and make the change! 

Solar Sport One Foundation is eager to raise the profile of:
  • Education
  • Innovation
  • New Energy 
  • Technology
  • Life Time Learning
  • Marine industry
  • Life below water
Events & classes
Competitors of the World Cup Series can race in different classes in solar and hydrogen. We support the organization of Monaco Energy Boat Racing and Akkrum Reuzedei by supplying safety, technical assistance and racing rules. 
We love to race in the heart of the city so we make impact with an audience. The energy transition effects every household yet not everybody feels responsible to change their way of life. Organizing a fun and spectaculair event close to a crowd we show how it can be done. 

How to win?
The race-elements in this sport has major strategic importance. The teams have to balance their battery capacity and boat and keep their team spirit up at the same time. The water sports element and electrics are totally at odds with each other and challenge the teams to get their brain neurons firing. Teams are not allowed to recharge by any other way than the sun. The bigger the challenge the bigger, the opportunity!

The open class H2 is a new kid on the block. Together with the participating teams we set up the regulations in order to strive for excellent designs and off the scale performance.
For 16-24 year old students. Affordable materials, off-the-shelf technology, yet state of the art racing. If you've never been challenged before this is your way to step into the world of solarboat and hydrogen boat racing.
Open class
Teams with technical students (from universities or applied science), alumni and professionals are encouraged to think outside the box. They are challenged to compete for the best designs and smartest technologies. Speeds of over 50 km/h have been measured, spectacular! In hydrogen we can expect anything.
The solar and hydrogen powered boats will be built and improved during the school year.
All to work towards race season. At the end of the school year, it's time for action! From May until August several races will be organized as the World Cup Series.
Have a look at the race programme for 2023. 

More information
Are you interested in building your own boat with a team or join an existing team? Feel free to reach out to us, we're happy to support you!
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