Off-season teams are working hard to get progression. As an organisation stimulating innovation we would like to help. The Solar Stages are organized  for participants and participants to-be so they can watch, learn, discuss and feel the broad spectrum of the Solar Sport.
Discussion tables, pitches, workshops, activation on how to improve racing, sustainable energy and maritime transport. This gives you the opportunity to inspire each other, share innovative ideas and expand the technical expertise in your team and with other competitors. It will be a platform where we invite speakers to share their story with you.

Marin will host the spring edition (4th of April). We have found a group of interesting people to inform you, help you and make our ‘solar-family’ more aware of each others goals and actions.

Let’s stimulate each other to make our sport more innovative and more cool!

If you want to attend at the Solar Stages, make sure you email us your address, so it can be added in our database:

Please note the presentations will be given in Dutch.

Spring edition date: 4th of April 2019
Time: 16:00-20:30
Location: Marin, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Number of people who can attend: 80
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Speakers Spring edition:
1: Fiberneering - Niels van Oostenbrugge - Light weight construction
2: MARIN - Francisco Miguel Montero - Foils
3: MARIN - William Otto - Floating solar panels
4: Mystery Guest

15:30 Picking up badge
16:00 Welcome
16:20 Tour at Marin
16:50 Team update!
17:30 Pitches by all speakers
18:00 Dinner
18:30 Workshops
19:30 Drinks
19:45 Take home values
20:30 End