Thanks Purmerend

It’s a fact, the first stop of our Solar Sport One race weekend in Purmerend has finished. Despite the weather on Friday, wind and low temperature. We all had a great start of the races. 

A warm welcome was given by the mayor Don Bijl in the city hall. Where we enjoyed a good dinner and were able to meet the teams in a nice setting!
The kids are the future, that’s why we were happy to see over 100 kids competing with their own mini-solar boats on the Kanaaldijk in Purmerend. Creative creations were made by the kids from waste and their fanaticism probably means something good for the future!


Final results

This is where you have been working for so hard the last couple of days/ weeks/ months!

Find the link to the final results here. Final results


Next stop: Groningen

Only a few days and we’ll see each other in Groningen again. We are busy preparing the next stop, as you probably doing as well. See you in the weekend! Find here the link to the event page of Groningen.


Thanks Purmerend!

We hoped you enjoyed the hospitality of Purmerend as much as we did. Also thanks to Van Wijnen, our main sponsor for the 3 stops. Their effort, their enthusiasm and their input is important for the Solar Boat Races.

For more photos check out our Facebook page.

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