SSO – Covid-19 Update #2

We’ve been dreading to write you this letter but now the time has come. In Europe we flattened the curve and as numbers never lie, we need to admit the COVID-19 crisis is very serious. In The Netherlands we are carefully awakening from the lockdown and all supplies can be transported again. Yet some institutions will restrict the number of employees and visitors until the end of this year. Most businesses opened up again but with limitations and big hygiene protocols. Though all festivals have been cancelled. Incredible how life has changed since we celebrated the first hours of 2020. If we would have only known that corona virus is more then an excessive beer consumption…

The past few days, weeks and months we’ve been monitoring all the regulations. We’ve talked to representatives of the host cities and we’ve had conversations with our partners. Not all questions can be answered at this moment but we do agree we need to have personal safety on and off the water as our biggest priority. After that we, as an organisation, have an obligation to you, as competitor and to our partners to host a responsible and safe event with quality. Quality means competitiveness on the water and a audience to share the green energytransition on shore.

We are reluctant to tell you that it is not possible to organize any World Cup Series in 2020. Postponement is changed into cancellation and the races on the 4th and 5th of September in Dordrecht will not take place either. We’ve been looking into many formats but cannot find a responsible and affordable solution.

Hosting a sport less known to the public like solar sport, gives a big amount of challenges. That’s why the board and executives of Solar Sport One are a group of optimistic enthousiasts who believe in the power of our community and the potential for global economy. This optimistic approach has brought us further. We’re sure you can relate to that as you need that positive power to build your own vessel. The optimism will not disappear and we will come back stronger. Let this not be a season that goes entirely to waste.

We’re on the lookout for other activities. Hopefully we can organise a demo in the North of The Netherlands around sustainability day on the 10th of October this year. So at least each team can show off their hard work and creativeness. Furthermore we will use this time wisely and unlock new talents and cities. Any help is appreciated. For now: please keep on innovating, stay strong & healthy.

Chief Solar Officer,

Marcelien Bos- de Koning on behalf of the Solar Sport One team

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