SSO – Covid-19 Update #3 – Groningen

‘When life throws you lemons, make lemonade!’, one of the mantra’s we’ve been chanting to organize a race in 2020 COVID year. We’ve shaped and shaped and reshaped and now we remain with too little to make a race. We’re very sorry to let you know we will cancel the races on the 9th and 10th of October 2020. We can’t guarantee a quality race like you deserve.

Uncertain times
The races in Groningen were important for the future of our races and we pushed hard. Unsure of the possible second COVID wave which might hit The Netherlands, our partners are hesitant. This week 14 area’s in this country have additional measures on top of the ‘normal ones’ to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, one of them is Groningen. Although we’ve set up a wide sleeping area and took multiple measurements we are still weary in this time too. Being more safe than sorry we cannot commit anymore. We’ve personally contacted the registered boats to explain why we cancelled the race and answered their questions yesterday. For all of you working towards the deadline and did not register yet; this is it.

Meet up 9th October
Although we can’t race we will have a meeting, building a more solid connection with companies and education in the providence of Groningen. Groningen is a ‘new energy hub’ and this new market has great challenges. Friday afternoon the 9th of October, SSO will host a discusion workshop with different stakeholders in the energy transition. It would be great if you would like to join and help creating the right questions and finding answers. It will be in Martini Plaza in Groningen between 15:00-17:30.
You’ll be in discussion with HR-managers, educational project managers, course makers and program directors.
How can new energy experts be educated best for future times? How does an education keep up with market demands? How do students find joy in major classes. Let us know if you want to join through

One of the extra attractions was to host the ‘Last Mile delivery sail-off’ between the H2 Deux Chaveaux and one of the solarboats. We still can make this part happen! The car and the boat will deliver a package from one part of town to another part. Who will be the fastest? Which logistical element is best to close the last-mile package deal. This last mile is a great challenge for most big cities build around delta areas. We’ll keep you posted through our social media channels.

Race in your neighborhood
Although we will not be sailing together you can have your own race amongst yourself. All you need to do is download this app Movefit. You’ll be participating with the “Fossiel vrije weken” and try to sail as much fossil free kilometers as possible in three days (9-10-11 October). Show your sailed distance online and we’ll see who wins. We’re sad to miss your great comments onshore while racing. On the other hand you’ll keep on pushing the green movement.

Races in 2021 are not locked yet but aiming to be end of May in Groningen and beginning of June in Purmerend/ De Beemster. We’ll update on that soon.

Unfortunately the lemons still taste bitter sweet. We hope we can find some more sugar together. Keep safe, stay healthy.

Sunny regards,

Marcelien on behalf of the whole team

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