Solar Sport One | Groningen | New Energy Regatta | 23 – 24 September

Will you be competing in the ‘New Energy Regatta” 2021 during the 23rd and 24th of September in Groningen? Let’s give you some more insights on the sportive festivals planned.
Thursday 23rd is a day full of inspections for the competitors and inspection committee. Are you ready to show up and go without any hiccups through all the tests? Joris is not possible to join but his equipment will be. While your boats are getting tested and checked we’ll invite some youngsters to checkout your designs. Please be gentle and engage some future competitors.
New Energy Academia
Meanwhile we’ll  ‘build a bridge’ between solar, hydrogen, and how to have a sustainable vision on human recources. During lunch the New Energy Academia hosts a one hour and will give new insights about the energy transition. One of the speakers is Jacqueline Vaesen from Nexstep. This is only open to New Energy Coalition students but let us know, we’re happy to share the link.
New Energy Regatta Inspiration Session
How can a school educate youngsters when some of the jobs are not even invented yet? How become business future proof in this constant changing energysupply and endles technical possibilities. Together with New Energy Coalition and other partners we’ll attract surrounded schools, education deans, start-ups, and others to share insights. Please join this hybride event online or in the ‘BuildinG’ on the Zernike Campus (max 75 people) in Groningen. (Link will be shared later)
Do you like to invite your sponsors, fans, deans, or (future) supporters. Without COVID19 rules we would have loved to make it a big part of the day. Now we are a bit more reluctant. Still, when you would like to invite your peeps (maybe also for the inspiration session) do let us know at
Dinner and Palaver
After dinner we’ll share the Race Advanced Program. Read further in this letter which element we chose from the race elements catalogue and the added strategic option in the endurance competition. Unfortunately our previous race officer Karsten van Zeijl cannot join. We found good replacement by Annemieke Bes originally a citizen of Groningen and participant of one of the toughest sailing competition in the world: The Ocean Race. You can make camp at the Groninger stads camping.
Endurance with a catch
At sunrise we’ll meet you at the slibway at the Praxis in Groningen (Damsterdiep 315). Just in front the start will be around 8:00. We’ll give you plural marks to round so everybody can build their own course. Beside making as many miles as possible it’s outmost important to finish within a 15 min time lock in the city. This all without rounding each mark less then 2 times.
Unfortunately for the solar boats September has low sun hours. We’ll give each team the possibility to reload their battery. Any questions or remarks, please contact the skippers board (
Man vs H2
While the solar boats are reloading, the hydrogen boat will race against Olympians. Hydrogen versus the Olympic rower of 2021 Tokyo Games. Who will win the 100 metres, 200 meters or 500 meters sprint? Will the Olympians take on the challenge in a one man skiff or two man skiff? A great race: men versus machine.
VIP lunchbreak
What do we want: more exposure! When do we want it: now! How can we achieve that: …? Are you willing to give your amazing piece of high advanced machinery to one of national or international celebrities? Adding a little spice on the race menu we ask all the competitors to invite a VIP/ celebrity with great social media skills (read followers) and so possibly boat license to step into your boat and do a tour around the diepering (canal around the heart of the city of Groningen). We have some Dutch celebrities lined up but we’d love to see your creativity to find a great match!
Who is fastest on the slalom? A tacky race with lots of steering. Which team sets the best time when manuring around the marks in a small area.
One of the most exciting elements out of the catalogue. Remember the V20 battle in Dordrecht in 2019? It was a photo finish! Depending on the amount of entries we’ll first battle amongst the own class and if you’re ready you might challenge the other classes like Ope Class or V10 H2c.
Speed test
What is the time to beat this time? Normally you do not want to interact with a lasergun, but this time you do. Who is the fastest of 2021?
Price ceremony
At 18:00hrs we call it a day and the winner will take it all!
Please be safe and don’t let our event be a super spreader. These are our guidelines: corona admission ticket (QR code) & identification. You can obtain a corona admission ticket when: – You can submit a negative test certificate from 24 hours before the event. You can make a test appointment here: https://www.testenvoor – You have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks. -You have a valid recovery certificate.If you show any symptoms, don’t come.
Do we live stream you?
We’ll showcase this event online with our great speedy presentator: Chris Wobbe. Media and communication students from Alfa College and Noorderpoort will help to give all your supporters and fans a great view of the races. If you can obtain any online devices so we can switch to a live feed from your boat, like a go pro: let us know. We’d love to have live shots from the boat or have a FaceTime call during the endurance from one of the team members. Link to share will follow. Tracking system will be integrated in our website as the app needs a very big update. If you have any video’s we can use (think boat presentations or a documented test from earlier this year) we’d love to show others in the live stream. The link will follow.
Last words for now: 
How we would love to see you race in Groningen! Maybe next year we can have a somewhat normal competition (what’s normal these days, right?!) But for now: the New Energy Regatta is ON! Join now.

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