New Energy Regatta 2022 dismissed

It turned out to be a quite a puzzle to bridge the interests of all different parties for the New Energy Regatta.

Due to different reasons, such as the loaded racing calendar, rescheduling the original race date, long delivery times of  materials and atypical behavior of visitors and participants in this post corona year, the numbers of participants turned out too small to organise a full-fledged New Energy Regatta.

The urge of skilled technical personnel and sustainable energy sources is however not less. On the contrary, it keeps growing! Solar Sport One want to fill in the last week of June with an alternative program.

“The potential teams were not less enthusiastic this year, so we look forward to the race of 2023. And in the meantime, we are devoted to make more youngsters eager for technique and sustainable energy; sun or hydrogen power. And focus on finding new participants for the New Energy Regatta.”

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