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Results first stop in Purmerend

Find below the results of the weekend races in Purmerend. Endurance SSO A class Endurance SSO V20 class Endurance SSO Top class Top speed results all classes Slalom Young Solar Challenge Slalom SSO V20 class Slalom SSO A class Slalom SSO Top class Time trial Young Solar Challenge Time Trial SSO V20 class Time Trial SSO A class Time Trial SSO …

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Purmerend – Yesterday we arrived in Purmerend, where the organisation has been working hard to get Solar Village ready and the teams were still working hard to get their boats ready for today’s first races. We got such a warm welcome from the City of Purmerend and Beemster. Mayor Don Bijl and Joyce van Beek welcomed us during a diner …

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Program Purmerend

Tonight is the evening we are going to open our event in Purmerend. In the city hall, mayor Don Bijl will open the event and welcome the teams. Friday is the start of the Solar Sport One boats is at 10 o’clock at the Kanaaldijk/Beemsterburgwal, where the teams have to do a time trial of 48 kilometer. During the time …

Welcome on our new website

To inform you more through our website, this new website was needed! During the events we’ll add the ‘LIVE’ page, where you can follow the races online. Wherever you are in the world! For the social media updates, follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, all links are at the bottom of the website.